Kort Koncept – English

Welcome to Barneskatter!

Here in Barneskatter private persons rent a stand to sell used clothing and equipment for all children in the age 0-16

We hope you will find a lot of treasures here in the store.

And always remember that it doesnt matter wether you buy or sell goods here – You do something for the enviroment!

Secondhand is gold!

The right size

To help you find what you need, every hanger is marked with a colored pearl, to show what size the product has.

You will find a colorsheme here in the store.


Those who owns the product, deciede themselves which price they want.

It`s not possible for employees to change that.


At the end of the rent period, some customers wish to lower the prices on their products. This will be marked with a red triangle and a percentage sign at the top of the stand.

The percentage will be withdrawn when you pay at the counter.

Products without a pricetag

If you find a product without a pricetag, we will not be able to sell it, before we have been in contact with the owner.

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